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July 2013 Archives

Postal worker injured in collision with SUV

The roadways are not only a place for residents and passers-by to travel on to get to their destination. For some it is where their job takes place. Some Arizona residents utilize a vehicle and the roadway for their occupation and come in contact with numerous vehicles on a daily basis. This can increase the risks associated with their occupation and could make a car accident more likely to occur on the job. This makes it especially important for drivers to be aware of vehicles utilized on the job because some make frequent stops.

Teens in stolen car cause four-car crash

Arizona residents understand that new drivers on the road can create some risks. Speed and distracted driving is a growing concern for drivers, and the newer generations of drivers tend to often be the culprit of these concerns. These dangerous habits could ultimately and unfortunately result in a serious car crash. This not only affects those being negligent, but other drivers and passengers could also be seriously injured or even killed in an accident. This is why it is critical that no matter the age of a driver or how long they have been driving, drivers practice safe driving.

Fatal pedestrian accident in Tucson

Arizona residents often witness or hear about incidents occurring on the roadways. Whether it is traffic delays or an accident, commuting on major roadways can prove dangerous. Multi-tasking while driving is a major hazard that is plaguing drivers all over the nation. When a driver is distracted by another activity, such as texting on a cellphone, they are less attentive and could be involved in an accident. When a driver is distracted, they may speed, fail to yield or take their eyes on the road. This could lead to a pedestrian accident.

Charges refiled against Phoenix man for hit-and-run

Losing a loved one in an accident is often a difficult time for those close to the deceased. Those going through the coping process may find it difficult to fully move on, especially when there are still unanswered questions. This often occurs when a hit-and-run accident happens and the friends and family of the deceased do not know who caused the accident and what exactly happened.

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