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August 2013 Archives

Arizona pedestrian struck and killed by car

In Arizona, pedestrians and cyclists can frequently be seen near a roadway, which makes it crucial for drivers to be aware of them. A distracted or negligent driver may not notice them and a pedestrian accident could occur. Often these collisions result in fatalities or serious injuries, so it is important that both drivers and pedestrians are aware of one another and practice safety measures on or near the road.

Man killed in motorized bike crash in Phoenix

Drivers in Arizona understand that some activities on the roadway are dangerous. Furthermore, some vehicles have higher tendencies to become involved in an accident. Motorcycles are small vehicles that can often go unnoticed on the roadway. In addition, if a collision occurs with a motorcycle, there is a higher chance that the driver will be seriously injured or killed. Even if the driver wears a helmet and protective gear, these safety features only help so much in a high-impact crash.

Negligent driver kills motorcyclist and injures another driver

Unlike in other states, Arizona drivers usually witness motorcyclists traveling on the roadway year-round, and can expect to share the roads with them even in the cooler months. Although local drivers expect to see these vehicles driven on the roads, it is always important to take extra precaution. This means that drivers should double check before maneuvering between lanes. Motorcycles are small in size and can often go undetected by the average driver. Furthermore, drivers should keep a safe distance from motorcyclists in case they lose control of their bikes. This way they could avoid a tragic collision with the motorcyclist.

Unlicensed teen causes fatal accident killing 3 siblings

Every time a driver gets behind the wheel, they could encounter a danger on the roadways. Incidents can occur of all magnitudes on the road, and some could seriously affect those involved and their loved ones. A negligent driver could cause a serious crash that could result in fatalities. This could lead to serious consequences for the liable driver.

Pedestrian struck and killed by SUV in Phoenix

Whether it is in a city or residential area, pedestrians are always walking about. Safety precautions are often implemented in area where pedestrian foot traffic is more common. In order to alert drivers that pedestrians might be nearby, signs are posted, speed limits are reduced and there are designated crosswalks equipped with signals. Although these safety features are put in place to reduce accidents, pedestrian accidents still happen, and when they do, the person struck by the vehicle will often suffer serious injuries or even death.

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