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September 2013 Archives

Bicycle and vehicle collide, seriously injuring biker

When Arizona residents think about riding a bicycle, they often think about an enjoyable ride through residential areas or on a path filled with beautiful scenery. What bicyclists don't often think about are the dangers this activity presents. Most know that wearing a helmet can help reduce significant injuries and even prevent death, but even when they are worn, they might not be able to prevent all head injuries. Furthermore, bikers should always be aware of the vehicles around them. When a biker or a driver is inattentive, they could collide and cause a serious bicycle accident.

Freak pedestrian accident caused by nearby crash

When Arizona residents think about accidents on the roadway, they often consider those who are directly involved. Although a car crash can seriously affect drivers and passengers in the vehicles involved, the surrounding area can also be subject to damage and injuries. A bystander, other vehicles and public and private property could be affected. This could turn a minor initial collision into an overall tragic accident.

Fatal motorcycle crash after truck runs red light

Running a red light is a traffic violation that can result in a ticket. It is also negligence. Negligence means the failure to exercise reasonable care, and if it causes injury or death it can give rise to liability in a civil lawsuit. A recent fatal accident in Phoenix appears to be the result of a driver running a red light.

Suspect arrested following fatal hit-and-run accident in Tempe

The investigation process of an incident is often crucial. It not only determines the cause and attributes fault to the accident but it also helps the loved ones understand and cope with the loss of a loved one following a fatal accident. Serious penalties and liabilities often follow a fatal collision, especially if the driver was negligent and the accident could have been avoided if it was not for this negligence.

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