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"Full" Car Insurance Coverage in Arizona

Arizonans sometimes believe that they have "full" car insurance coverage. Sometimes they are mistaken as to what coverages or amounts of coverages that they actually have. "Full" coverage can mean different coverages to different people, and amounts of coverages will vary from policy to policy. Full coverage can also mean coverage that is too low.

Arizona minimum bodily injury liability limits are $15,000.00 to cover injuries to an individual, and $30,000.00 to cover injuries to more than one person in a collision, also known as 15/30. Unfortunately, 15/30 does not adequately cover injuries that are serious, where medical bills are high and lost income and other losses are suffered. Higher coverage amounts may be purchased. Unfortunately, although required, many Arizona drivers do not have liability insurance in effect.

Aside from liability coverage, uninsured motorist (UM) coverage (when the other responsible party does not have insurance and you or your insurance passengers are injured) must be offered. Unfortunately, many Arizonans do not have any UM coverage, to protect themselves, when they are hit by uninsured drivers.

Underinsurance motorist (UIM) coverage (when the other responsible party has insurance, but your injury claim has greater value than the amount of the other's driver's insurance coverage) must also be offered. Unfortunately, many Arizonans don't have any UIM coverage, or enough UIM coverage when they are injured, and the other party's insurance coverage is not enough to cover the injured party's claims for injuries, medical bills, lost income and other losses.

Arizona's extremely low minimum financial responsibility liability limits put it among the minority of states with the lowest limits.

When a person is injured due to a motor vehicle collision all applicable policies need to be evaluated to see what liability, UM and UIM coverages and amounts of coverages may apply. Further the policy should be looked at to see if collision coverage and medical payments coverages exist, neither are required.

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