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June 2013 Archives

Taxi strikes and injures officer on motorcycle

In Arizona, residents can see locals and tourists traveling by motorcycle throughout the year. Whether the biker is traveling a short distance or is traveling through numerous towns and several states, risks are associated with motorcycles. These small vehicles are not equipped with the same safety features as an automobile, so when a motorcycle accident occurs, the motorcyclist is usually injured.

Hands-free texting still results in pedestrians being injured

Without question, most pedestrian accidents could be avoided if drivers simply took extra precautions.  And drivers often allow themselves to be distracted generally in areas where the most pedestrians are situated.

Arizona truck accident leaves two people badly injured

A man and woman were badly injured this past week after a semi-truck struck the couple's pickup on an Interstate Highway in Arizona. Though the exact details of the accident remain unclear, it was reported by witnesses that the truck driver was slumped over while behind the wheel just before the truck accident occurred as the semi-truck crossed the highway median.

Fiery collision claims 4 lives on Arizona highway

Fatal car accidents often need an extensive investigation to uncover what caused the accident and who was responsible for causing the accident. Often, investigations into fatal accident are made more complicated by the fact that the drivers and passengers involved in the wreck are so badly injured, that they cannot tell investigators what happened. As a result, accident reconstruction and forensic analysis is often required to fully understand what happened in a fatal motor vehicle accident.

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