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November 2013 Archives

Two SUVs collide head-on, killing both drivers

Drivers are aware that certain dangerous behaviors on the road could lead to a serious accident. Driving fast, not signaling lane changes and turns, texting while driving and driving under the influence are all very risky and could lead to fatal crash. A negligent driver is also putting their own life at risk and could suffer injuries or lose their life as well.

Motorcycle accident kills two Arizona prison employees

Although many Arizona drivers utilize the road to get to and from destinations, some will take to the road for pure enjoyment. Motorcyclists who ride their bikes for fun and as a hobby often do this. In Arizona, motorcyclist can be seen year round, so drivers should always be aware of these small vehicles. Due to their size, they can go unnoticed by other motorists. If a driver does not check their blind spots or double check their mirrors before making a turn or a lane change, they could cause a motorcycle accident.

Wrong-way driver in Phoenix kills one and injures another

When a driver takes to the road, certain safety precautions should be taken. In addition to following the rules of the road, Arizona drivers understand that wearing a seatbelt is important because even when a driver is traveling safely on the road, they need to protect themselves from negligent drivers. When a driver is speeding, fails to yield or stop to the right of way, does not signal a turn or is driving while intoxicated, they could cause a crash with other drivers resulting in serious injuries, severe damages and even fatalities.

Fatal Arizona truck accident caused by trucker on cell

Drivers in Arizona understand that traffic can make driving frustrating at times. During heavy traffic or long commutes, drivers seek to take their focus off the frustration. Although some will do that by listening to the radio others choose less safe options such as using their cell phone. Whether a driver is talking on their phone, texting or using the Internet using a cellphone while driver is very distracting and could cause an accident.

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