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Man suspected of impaired driving in fatal pedestrian accident

No matter what time of year or what type of weather strikes in Arizona, residents and visitors frequently travel by foot. For some this is a safe, economical and convenient way to get around. Although it is usually safe for pedestrians to travel near busy roadways, this could also be a major risk that could result in a serious pedestrian accident. If a driver is traveling too fast, fails to stop or yield at traffic signs or is distracted, the driver could collide with a pedestrian resulting in serious injuries or even death.

Elderly couple killed in Glendale fatal motor vehicle accident

It is clear that there are various distractions a driver could encounter while behind the wheel. Currently, texting while driving is considered extremely fatal and has caused a significant amount of fatal accidents. When a driver is not properly paying attention, they could miss a vehicle turning in front of them, the car ahead of them breaking, an upcoming stop sign or a changing traffic signal. A simple distraction could lead to a serious and even fatal crash.

Giants' minor league players injured in Arizona car accident

Whether a driver or a passenger, those traveling on the roadways accept to remain safe in their vehicle. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Even when a driver is being extra cautious, they cannot avoid a driver who is negligent. Whether they are speeding or distracted, a driver could collide with another vehicle. This could lead to injuries and damages or even more severe outcomes.

Fatal pedestrian crash in Arizona

The unfortunate occurrence of a multi-vehicle collision will not only directly affect those involved, but those nearby the accident site could become involved in the accident as well. If the crash occurs in an area where pedestrians are present, individuals walking or standing near the accident site could be harmed by the crash. This is why drivers should not only be attentive of where they are driving, but should also be aware of their entire surroundings.

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