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January 2014 Archives

Bus crash caused by erratic passenger and injures 24 in Arizona

Arizona residents and tourists often rely on public transportation to get around. Public transit buses and private liners are commonly used to travel within a city, across the state or even for interstate travel. No matter the reason for traveling on a bus, riders often note that the safety features on a bus are often different than those in an automobile. A bus can hold several passengers at the same time but most do not offer a seatbelt or a restraint. If a bus accident does occur, those riding on the bus could suffer serious injuries.

Woman pleads guilty in fatal Phoenix crash

When a driver gets behind the wheel, he or she is expected to exercise a certain amount of care while operating a vehicle. When a driver fails to uphold this duty, a serious or fatal accident could ensue. Whether a driver is speeding, texting while driving, failing to yield or stop at a traffic signal or driving while intoxicated, a negligent driver could seriously alter the lives of others on the roadway.

Car strikes scooter, killing rider in Arizona crash

Motorcycles and motorbikes are often enjoyed and used for transportation on roadways across the state. Although riders use safety equipment such as a helmet and protective clothing, if a motorcycle accident occurs those traveling on the motorcycle are often seriously injured or even killed.

Pedestrian struck and killed due to nearby crash

Negligent drivers not only affect those driving or traveling on the road, but those near the roadways could be affected as well. Collateral damage could occur to public and private property also, and bystanders could easily become involved in the accident. This is why some major collisions could become a multiple crash accident because the vehicles involved have several impact points with additional cars, property and even pedestrians.

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