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May 2014 Archives

Arizona school bus crash injures three children

Residents across the state of Arizona often wake up early to head to school or work and will often return home during the afternoon hours. These commutes often lead to heavier traffic during these hours. Rush hour traffic often means it will take the driver and passengers longer to reach their destinations. For some, this is frustrating and, unfortunately, could lead to distractions. When a driver is not adequately paying attention, he or she could cause a serious accident involving several victims.

Wrong-way driver in Arizona collides with van and kills 3

Serious accidents occur on the roadways with depressing regularity. Although some accidents do simply happen, when it comes to automobile collisions, it is usually a result of negligence. When a driver fails to adhere to their duty of care while they are behind the wheel, a serious or fatal accident could ensue. This usually occurs when a driver is distracted, speeding, fails to follow traffic signs and signals or is under the influence. A negligent driver could affect numerous unsuspecting victims.

Mesa police officer struck and killed by wrong-way driver

Accidents during the late night hours could occur for various reasons. A driver might have bad night vision, be fatigued or possibly under the influence. No matter the reason, if a driver not able to safely operate a motor vehicle, they could cause a serious or even fatal crash. This could result in potential criminal penalties as well and civil liabilities for the driver at fault.

Suspected drunk driving car accident results in one death

A negligent or distracted Arizona driver could easily be the cause of a serious or fatal accident. When a driver fails to follow the speed limit, does not follow traffic signs or signals, fails to use a turn signal, does not yield to traffic, texts while driving or operates a vehicle while intoxicated, this not only risks their live, but the lives of others traveling on the roadway. Following a car crash, a victim could suffer a serious or fatal injury, and the driver at fault could endure criminal and civil liabilities.

Elderly woman dies 1 month after 2-car crash in Tucson

No matter how simple the action, a negligent driver could cause a tragic accident. When a driver fails to uphold a certain standard of care, they not only risk their life but the lives of others on the roadways. Whether they are speeding, fail to stay in their lane or text while driving, to name a few examples, a negligent or distracted driver could be at fault for a serious or even fatal car accident.

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