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February 2015 Archives

"Full" Car Insurance Coverage in Arizona

Arizonans sometimes believe that they have "full" car insurance coverage. Sometimes they are mistaken as to what coverages or amounts of coverages that they actually have. "Full" coverage can mean different coverages to different people, and amounts of coverages will vary from policy to policy. Full coverage can also mean coverage that is too low.

Crosswalk Collisions and Injuries

When pedestrians and bicyclists are doing everything right, and nothing wrong, and they are in the crosswalk, they are defenseless and they have no time to react or avoid being hit by a negligent driver's vehicle. The resulting injuries can be serious or fatal.

Wrong-Way Drivers Victimize Innocent People

The Arizona Republic has reported on the "Valley's seemingly endless summer of freeway carnage involving" wrong-way drivers. On Interstate 17, Interstate 10, and other Valley roadways, wrong-way drivers have caused innocent people to lose their lives.

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