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Top 10 Causes of Arizona Boat Accidents

An article entitled "Top 10 Causes of Accidents on Arizona Waters," by Ryan Babel states that of the 50 states and U.S. territories that Arizona ranks fifth in the total number of water accidents, and seventh for the total number of injuries.

Mr. Babel sets forth the top ten causes, including:

• Operator inexperience is the leading cause, inexperience can apply to boat owners as well as renters

• Operator inattention

• Passenger, skier behavior can interfere with the safe operation of the watercraft

• Failure to pay attention to weather, including wind conditions

• Equipment failure, failure to safely maintain the boat

• Reckless, unsafe operation

• Failure to yield

• Congested and hazardous waters

• Excessive speed and use of alcohol, the combination thereof

• Overloading of passengers, and inadequate number of life jackets

Source: "Top 10 Causes of Accidents on Arizona Waters," by Ryan Babel, Arizona Game and Fish Department website,

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