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Top Ten Worst Northwest Valley Intersections for Crashes

Arizona Central has compiled the Arizona Department of Transportation data to rank the 2013 top ten intersections with the most crashes in the Northwest Valley.

Olive and 59th Avenue was number one, 83rd Avenue and Bell Road was number two.

Glendale had all ten of the intersections. The number of crashes is attributed to distracted driving, congested intersections and commercial outlets.

The list of intersections and number of crashes is as follows:

•1. 59th & Olive Avenues: 68

•2. 83rd Avenue & Bell Road: 61

•3. 59th Avenue & Bell Road: 57

•4. 59th & Northern Avenues: 51

•5. 51st & Northern Avenues: 45

•6. 59th & Peoria Avenues: 44

•7. 59th Avenue & Bethany Home Road: 42

•8. 51st & Peoria Avenues: 40

•9. 59th Avenue & Thunderbird Road: 40

10. 67th Avenue & Bell Road: 38

Recently, I represented a client who sustained injuries in two motor vehicle crashes, each was on 67th Avenue, neither was her fault. She was injured in each wreck, the collisions were two months apart.


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