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Motorcycle Accidents Archives

Motorcyclist killed on Bell Road/Grand Avenue Work Zone Detour

On April 2, 2016 a motorcyclist was killed on Greenway Road near Litchfield Road, on a detour route, following a closure of a section of Bell Road in Surprise. An unlicensed teenager drove a SUV and rear ended the motorcycle.

Motorcyclists Endangered by Left Turning Vehicles

Motorcyclists are often at increased danger when vehicles turn left at intersections. A left turn is a potentially dangerous maneuver because the vehicle enters the lane of an oncoming motorcyclist. Significant caution must be used, when a motorcycle is approaching.

Fatal motorcycle accident in Phoenix

For some Phoenix residents, the warmer weather that spring brings also brings out more motorcycles. Although Arizona residents experience warm weather essentially year round, an abundant amount of motorcyclists are seen on the roadways during the spring and summer months, especially riders traveling from other states. These small vehicles are often driven for enjoyment. Although certain safety features, such as a helmet, are available, these vehicles do not offer the same level of safety as other automobiles do. This means, if a motorcycle crash were to occur, those traveling on the bike could become seriously injured.

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