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Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents Archives

Distraction Can Cause Pedestrian Injuries and Deaths

A report issued by the Governor's Highway Safety Association states that the number of pedestrians killed in traffic rose 11 percent last year, to almost 6,000. That's the biggest one year increase in pedestrian fatalities. It is also the highest number in two years.

Glendale Police Officer Fatal Vehicle Crash Results in $3.8 Million in Settlements

The City of Glendale paid $3.8 million to settle lawsuits arising from a November 30, 2013 collision involving a Glendale police officer, who was responding to a non emergency call. The officer drove his vehicle on North 67th Avenue and West Glendale Avenue, he was going 71, the speed limit was 40 mph.

Suspected drunk driver collides with stopped car, killing two

The roadways can be the stage for tragedy. This is especially true when a driver is negligent or distracted. An unsuspecting driver can do little to prevent a sudden collision, even if he or she is driving safely and following the rules of the road. Unfortunately, this means a speeding, texting or impaired negligent driver could cause a serious or even fatal accident that affects numerous vehicles and victims on the roadway.

Wrong-way driver in Arizona collides with van and kills 3

Serious accidents occur on the roadways with depressing regularity. Although some accidents do simply happen, when it comes to automobile collisions, it is usually a result of negligence. When a driver fails to adhere to their duty of care while they are behind the wheel, a serious or fatal accident could ensue. This usually occurs when a driver is distracted, speeding, fails to follow traffic signs and signals or is under the influence. A negligent driver could affect numerous unsuspecting victims.

Mesa police officer struck and killed by wrong-way driver

Accidents during the late night hours could occur for various reasons. A driver might have bad night vision, be fatigued or possibly under the influence. No matter the reason, if a driver not able to safely operate a motor vehicle, they could cause a serious or even fatal crash. This could result in potential criminal penalties as well and civil liabilities for the driver at fault.

Elderly woman dies 1 month after 2-car crash in Tucson

No matter how simple the action, a negligent driver could cause a tragic accident. When a driver fails to uphold a certain standard of care, they not only risk their life but the lives of others on the roadways. Whether they are speeding, fail to stay in their lane or text while driving, to name a few examples, a negligent or distracted driver could be at fault for a serious or even fatal car accident.

Suspected street race results in Phoenix fatal accident

It is common for drivers to utilize their vehicles and the roadways to get to and from various destinations. A few drivers use their vehicle as a hobby and driver it in a dangerous manner. Street racing could be seriously dangerous and could put their life and other's at risk. If an accident ensues, a fatal accident could result.

Fatal crash in Phoenix kills one and injures two

Drivers in Arizona understand that roadways can be the setting for various types of incidents. An accident could occur suddenly and could involve numerous vehicles. Whether a driver is negligent or distracted, they put several lives at risk. A driver could injure themselves, while injuring or even killing passengers and others traveling on the road. A fatal motor vehicle accident could affect many, especially, the loved ones of the deceased.

Fatal morning Phoenix crash closes interstate for several hours

For some drivers in Arizona, their early morning commute starts much earlier than most. Traveling during the early morning hour sometimes means that it is dark outside. Furthermore, drivers at that hour might be fatigued from driving through the night or tired from waking up early. These factors create added dangers and risks for the drivers and could lead to an automobile crash impacting other drivers on the roadway.

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