Motorcyclist Injuries and Claims

Motorcyclists can do everything right. They can drive properly and follow the law, yet be the victims of driver negligence.

Motorcyclists can wear bright clothing, with reflective materials and have their headlights on, yet the other driver may say that he never saw the motorcycle prior to a collision.

A motorcyclist may try to search, evaluate and execute, to assess traffic. A motorcyclist may be skilled in crash avoidance. However, danger may lie at intersections, which can be particularly dangerous, when drivers of vehicles make a left turn, in front of an oncoming motorcycle.

In the last year I represented family members who lost loved ones, motorcyclists who were killed by left hand turning drivers. The fatal collisions occurred in Paradise Valley and in Pinetop, Arizona.

The consequences of vehicle driver negligence can be catastrophic or fatal to a motorcyclist. Economic losses, for medical bills and lost income, and future losses, may be extensive. The adverse effects of the injuries can be life altering. Arizona law provides an opportunity for motorcyclists to obtain the fair and reasonable compensation that they are entitled to for their losses.