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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Phoenix AZ

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Phoenix AZ

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Phoenix AZ

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Phoenix AZIf you were injured in a motorcycle accident caused by the negligence of another driver a motorcycle accident lawyer Phoenix AZ may be able to assist you. Serious injuries and fatalities may result from the careless driving of other drivers who may:

•Fail to yield to motorcyclist at intersections•Fail to see the motorcyclist
•Engage in distracted driving, including cell phone use or texting
•Make an unsafe lane change
•Be driving under the influence of alcohol, or drugs

Motorcyclists are often at increased danger when vehicles turn left at intersections. The left turning vehicle has the responsibility to yield to vehicles approaching from the opposite direction, which are within the intersection or so close that there may be an immediately hazard. Too often the left hand turn is a common cause of motorcycle crashes, motorists may not see a motorcyclist, or in time to avoid a collision.

An experienced motorcycle accident lawyer in Phoenix AZ knows that advocacy on behalf of an injured motorcyclist is essential to attempt to obtain a fair and reasonable settlement with the adverse party’s insurance company. Early involvement by the attorney is important. The attorney may be able to locate witnesses and consult with an accident reconstructionist.

The consequences of a driver’s negligence in causing a motorcycle crash and resulting injuries can be quite serious, or catastrophic. Economic losses, for past and future medical bills, and lost income past and future, may be quite extensive. The adverse effects of the injuries can be life altering.

Issues that should be considered for a motorcycle accident victim in retaining an attorney include the experience and the personal attention of the attorney.

There should be a free, confidential consultation with the attorney. There should be no fees or costs charged unless there is a settlement. Another reason to consider hiring an attorney in a motorcycle crash involves the issue of motorcycle helmets. The issue of requiring motorcycle helmets is controversial in Arizona. Some argue that laws requiring helmets save lives, reduce head injuries, and medical costs.

Further, helmet advocates state that helmets do not reduce visibility or impair hearing. They also argue that helmet laws don’t restrict people’s freedom any more than other accepted public safety laws, like prohibitions covering drunk driving or using cell phones while driving.

If an operator or passenger is injured, and not wearing a helmet, in an Arizona personal injury case, a jury may be allowed to consider whether, the non use of the helmet should reduce the amount of damages that the injured motorcyclist may receive.

The defense would have to prove that use of a helmet would have prevented specific injuries, if so the injured person’s damages that are awarded may be reduced.Settling a personal injury claim too soon, or without representation can be a huge mistake. If you are involved in a motorcycle crash, a motorcycle accident lawyer Phoenix AZ should be contacted without delay, your case is important.