Neck, Back & Spinal Injuries Lawyer Phoenix, AZ

Suffered a Serious Neck, Back or Spinal Injury?

Neck, Back & Spinal Injuries Lawyer Phoenix, AZFew injuries can be as seriously debilitating as those closest to your spinal cord. Victims can suffer chronic neck, or back pain as a result of an accident, the effects can last a lifetime and interfere with every part of their life.

If you have suffered a serious neck, back, spinal cord damage as a result of someone else’s negligence or wrongful action, then you do not have to carry the burden alone.

Experienced, Effective Personal Injury Representation

Paul Englander has been litigating personal injury cases throughout Arizona for more than 30 years, and we have built a reputation for success. We strive to meet and exceed expectations, and are proud of what our former clients have to say about our work.

We have decades of experience handling personal injury cases involving nerve damage, paralysis or neck, back or spinal cord damage, most often as a result of:

An Attorney Who Will Fight for You

Even a mild injury to your neck, back or spinal cord can affect your ability to function profoundly. You can lose the ability to work, or enjoy time with your family, or drive a car or even walk.

If you’ve suffered an injury like this because of the actions of another person, then you need a lawyer who will work for you and with you; an attorney who is experienced at recovering damages and who has built a reputation for success.

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